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Design helps improve our lives in the present. Design thinking helps us chart a path into the future.

Hello. G'Day. Hola. 你好. Ciao. Bonjour.

Nice to meet you. I am a Human-Centred Designer and partner at RENY®Studio, I obsess over the interdisciplinary nature of how Design Thinking can pioneer transformation in screen design, service design, system design and strategy, across sectors such as education, health, government, technology, the social sector and business.

My work revolves around a simple question; where should we turn our attention for creative exploration, to ensure we continually design better outcomes for humanity? In my day job, I help people in organisations to think like a designer, empowering them to better develop, communicate, and pursue strategy and pioneer purpose-led transformation.


Matching purpose with profit for people and planet with strategy, design and storytelling.

Views Project

A new home for 75,000 staff for one of Australia's leading banks. Information is accessible with a swipe of a thumb.

Digital Mailbox

Design Thinking Advisory on the future of mail & Technology in Australia.

Future Fuel Project

Advisory project on how to reimagine Autogas for a sustainable future.

UX Design

Using screens to educate and create smart innovation for Gulf globally.

Digital Diversity

The development of a digital platform to promote diversity and inclusion through employment and talent acquisition.

I-Can Project

Design and Development to promote movement and engagement for indigenous youth.


Ben is an award winning writer & former editor at White Spaces. He continues his writing at ID weekly on Substack. Dear Luke & Ben, can be found on Spotify & Apple.

Ben’s work has been featured in the following magazines.

Bob Brown

A conversation with Bob Brown on how to save the planet.

Tim Ross

A conversation with Tim Ross on Culture, Design and Identity.

Ellidy Pullin

A conversation with Ellidy about loss and love and the next steps.

Ben Gillies

A conversation with Silverchairs Ben Gillies on re-invention, purpose and cricket.

Life at 40

I wrote this article on my 40th birthday, how to lean in and step aside.

Myf Warhust

On culture and living with purpose with Australia's queen on pop culture.


Since 2009, Ben has been working with the world's leading brands on design projects focused on human centred design, innovation and technology.

IN 2023.

Ben is currently working in Advisory Roles and Board Positions across some important projects and companies.

Chumpy Pullin Foundation

Founding Board Member. Strategic & Design Advisory work including brand activations.

Skin Check Champions

Design & Development that will change the face of skin cancer prevention forever.

B Corp Certification

RENY®Studio is almost two years into our B Corp Journey. More soon on that through the journal.

Gig Economy

We are working on opening new design studios in Indonesia to play a more intentional role in the evolution of the Gig Economy.

Dear Luke & Ben

We are now ready to complete Season Two as Dear Luke & Ben continues to evolve.

7 Things Series

RENY®Studio is filming the new 7 Things Series with 7 short films on Design Thinking, launching in Q4 2023.

For all media-related enquiries and collaborations, hit the button to get in touch.